How we work

Having worked with people from multiple businesses and domains we have learned that the most important strategy towards success is customer satisfaction. For this specific reason we have come-up with a line of products and services so your mind is at peace once you have handed over the vision of your life’s work.

Your requirements

Firstly we will need to understand just exactly what it is that you are looking to build by having a sit-down over a cup of coffee, pen and a paper.

Once we have the idea, we will go ahead and demonstrate our previous works for you to get a better idea of the process. We will walk you through the stages that will come before we have your needs fully built to your satisfaction.

First phase

After we have the idea of your product we set to work and devide the time for the completion of your work into a few phases.

The first phase will be idea accumulation. We work with you to get the idea of what it is that you need.

Phase Two

We start to huff and puff the codes and designs into creating your product.

Phase Three

We meet with you to show you the work we have put in and get suggestions from you. Aafter this phase your website will be put online

Phase Four

Your work is handed over to you with a lot of free goodies like a year’s maintenance and updates.